Hans Leidenfrost

We used Kelly as our Realtor in our recent home purchase. We were first time home buyers so didn't really know the drill; Kelly though walked us through it all, step by step. He set us up with a really nice web search tool that enabled us to collaborate so he could see the same homes on the web that we were looking at. Pretty cool. He then researched the value of the homes that were of interest to us and helped buy a really nice home in the North-end ? at a great price too since it was a short sale. The transaction took longer than we'd planned (as short sales often do) so there was a gap between moving from our apartment and into our new home. Kelly took care of it though; he let us stay in one of his condos (rent-free) for several days until we could close and move in to our new home. He also coordinated our move with friends from our church and even helped as part of the moving crew. As our lender we used Greg Goodrich, the lender that Kelly recommended, and together they held our hands throughout the entire transaction process. Kelly is a very knowledgeable Realtor who stays on-top of things, communicates well and just knows how to get things done the right way. If you're looking to buy or sell your home I know Kelly will take care of you in the same way he did us. We highly recommend him as an excellent realtor.

Elizabeth Thompson

There are no two ways about it - Kelly did an excellent job as our Realtor! He truly went above and beyond our expectations and put a lot of extra effort into helping us get into a home. Kelly had the whole package: the mortgage broker he recommended was exceptional and Kelly's Internet search tools were extremely helpful in finding just the right home for us at a great price. Plus he helped us to determine the correct price to offer and then negotiated it with the seller and made it work even better than we had hoped! Kelly is very knowledgeable and aware of the current market and trends. He is also very personable, professional and a pleasure to work with. It was clear through the whole process that he had our best interest at heart. He was always there when we needed him... even though it took us quite a while to find a home. He stuck with us through thick and thin! Kelly cared about us and it really showed in the way he treated us and handled us as clients. If you're looking for a Realtor, I know he'll treat you the same way.

Jim Witzel

Kelly was the best Realtor we've ever dealt with. We were new to the area and didn't know the neighborhoods, but Kelly knew every nook and cranny. He returned calls promptly, was available for showings and negotiated a price better than we thought the seller would accepted - all because he understands the market and knows how to negotiate. He made the entire process effortless and hassle free. Finally he was personable and a pleasure to deal with. He cared about us. The little ditty that he uses on his materials "Love Life, Live It With Meaning and Care About Others" is a very accurate representation of the man. If you make Kelly your Realtor, I know you won't be disappointed. We weren't. 

Kyle Wilson

I've had the pleasure of working with Kelly and I am more than happy to give him my endorsement. Unlike many, Kelly puts the wants and needs of his clientele above anything else, with the end goal being total customer satisfaction, not the commission check. Kelly is a first rate professional. 

Curt Rideout

Kelly provided superior service in our new home search, along with assistance in getting the old house ready to move with prestaging ideas and painting. If you want to buy or sell in nearly any market condition, Kelly will do the research and not waste you time.